My Fantasy Sister. My Sister’s Fantasy

‘My Fantasy Sister. My Sister’s Fantasy’ is a collaboration between Kimbal Quist Bumstead and Prefix-poly during their stay in Chelva, Spain in 2012.

What initially began as an exploration of their surroundings; a curious place, full of wonder and enchantment, then became an investigation of themselves as the looking-glass turned inwards. Donning the twin guises of sisters Alicia y Alicia in a mime of girlhood, they acted up and acted out an unconscious desire for sameness in order to eclipse (their) sexual difference. To explore a sexuality that is tense with longing, perpetually suspended in a net of recaptured fantasies; where girlhood is reclaimed and renegotiated, and sibling relations entice and ignite. Under the wing of childhood we return to a place where gender loses all relevance. Becoming her, becoming her.

My fantasy sister, my sisters fantasy

Image credit: My Fantasy Sister, My Sisters Fantasy, 2012 Kimbal Bumstead & Prefix-poly. Sculptural sound piece: Esparto, synthetic hair, speakers