My voice resonates all around me, as if in taunt to my elocution. I shift between whisper and high pitched whistle, moving on my haunches, the amber coloured liquid moves from state to state in a collorary to my emissions, I am aware of its slippages, between form and formlessness.

I pick and fumble, trying to push my fingers further in. I can feel it longing for its place of origin within me. The golden antechamber between inside and out. I fill myself through this hole. Hideously hungry, aroused, gaping and monstrous, I lie there pregnant with the unconsummated threat of my own invagination. Nothing seems able to satiate this hunger.

Image credits: Image 1. TAME HER, 2012, Prefix-poly, (Collage)  Image 2 – 6. Pyloric luminescence, 2010, Prefix-poly, (Toffee sculpture).
Photographer: Cathal Carey