A car at night, traversing through an industrial landscape, where bodies and objects become subjects to light and darkness, flickering across their skin as if it were caressing their soft flesh. Abstract images of lust permeated with wild flowers, luscious pussies and throbbing cock.

A film by Lo Liddell & Vile Mae

Starring: Chris, Nichole Shae & Robin Rain
Directed by: Lo Liddell & Vile Mae
Story: Lo Liddell & Vile Mae
Camera: Vile Mae
Postproduction: Lo Liddell & S G Collins
Sound production: Daniel Bull

Amsterdam 2015


February 2016 – 2016 Cinerotic™ Erotic Film Festival, at International Dirty Show – Detroit, USA
March 2016 – La Fete du Slip – Lausanne, Switzerland
November 2016 – Erotikafton 2016 – Malmo, Sweden
November 2016 – Porny Days Film Art Festival, Zurich, Switzerland
January 2017 – Fish&Chips Erotic Film Festival, Turin, Italy
January 2017 – Lick&Listen, Berlin, Germany
March 2017 – CineKink NYC, New York, USA
April 2017 – Hacker Porn Film Festival, Rome, Italy